La Espanola Meats

I just got back from my first visit and I love it already!  When my friend and I stepped in, I was reminded of my short trip (she stayed for 3 months, what a biatch) to Spain.  Her Spanish host mom hooked up her fridge with all kinds of goodies from Super Sol and we noshed on them during siesta and throughout the day.  

Exterior of La Espanola Meats grocery store.

Exterior of La Espanola Meats grocery store.

When we first pulled up, it looked so industrial/wholesale that I thought we wouldn’t be able to get in.  While we were parking, I downplayed it just in case we couldn’t.  You know how in Willy Wonka right when they step into that Candyland room with the chocolate waterfall?  We opened the metal screen door and it was exactly like that…but with Spanish food!  We were in awe!  

Different Spanish wines, canned foods, dried goods, deli cases of cured meats, paella pans, cookies, fridges full of different Spanish cheeses, beer at very reasonable prices…Increible! (add an accent over the ‘i’, please)  They even had a table of mad samples–Spanish chorizos, different cheeses, membrillo, olives, pate, and different pralines–you know how I love the free shit.  You can purchase cafe ($1.25) and bocadillos ($5.50).  They even have paella ($9-13) on Saturdays, if you call on Friday to order.  

The staff was friendly and fast.  The owner was on hand and was so friendly and knowledgeable.  He said that they’ve been around for 25 years doing wholesale business with stores and restaurants, but have always had the retail shop open to the public.  And to think, people spend crazy money on trendy tapas places!  Psssh.  

I came in hoping to just check it out and buy some anchovy stuffed olives and jamon.  We left with a basket full of goods, giggling like schoolgirls, joking about prepping all the food and eating tapas in the backyard with the hot weather reminiscent of a Sevilla summer.  Rebujitos and bocadillos on the hottest day yet?  Mmmmmm!

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