Buy Some Groceries; Support the Community

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I know it seems like a chore or a burden to give back to the community or donate to charity or recycle cans and all of that shiny happy world stuff.

Well here’s an opportunity for you to do something to benefit others while doing something you do anyway…buying gorceries!

On Wednesday, April 8, Whole Foods stores in the LA metro area will be donating 5% of their proceeds to KCRW, the community service radio station of Santa Monica College.

This is great for me, because it brings together two things that I enjoy.  The first being Whole Foods (their cheese selection is amazing) and the other being KCRW; I’m a big fan of NPR’s news and the radio show This American Life.  But I am also a slacker that rarely sends cash when pledge time rolls around.  I’ve contributed twice in the many, many years I recall listening to public radio.

On Wednesday, I’ll have a chance to sort of make ammends.  I’ll buy some cheese (and maybe a nice bottle of wine, and some other goodies to go along with it) and feel good knowing that I’m helping out my community.

I hope you’ll follow suit!

Several locations in the South Bay.  Click here to find yours.


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One Response to “Buy Some Groceries; Support the Community”

  1. So This American Life is totally amazing. There’s a ‘live’ show blasting out to theaters across the country on the 23rd. How awesome. Thanks for letting us know about this!