(It’s Always) Time to Grill!

A Flaming Weber Grill

A Flaming Weber Grill

I know some people think Spring and Summer are a sort of “grilling season”.  For me, though, grilling is a year-round activity.  Some of the best steaks I’ve ever made were fired up during an Iowa blizzard!

Fortunately, living in Los Angeles provides optimal grilling weather year round.  I’ve been grilling about once a week during the “winter” months.  Now that things have warmed up a bit, though, I’ve been grilling about three to four times a week.

Whether you are grilling all year long, or just now prepping for grilling season, its always a good time to check your grill and grilling supplies.  I hate not having enough of one thing or another to get my fire going!  Experience has led me to live by the rule that charcoal and lighter fluid should always be purchased as a pair.

Real Simple has a great checklist of prepping your grilling inventory as well as a guide to help maintain your grill.

When it comes to equipment, though, I’m a Weber fan all the way.  My grill, tongs, spatula…just about everything…are all Weber.  They also have some great tips and recipes on their website for turning out that perfect steak, salmon, vegetables, or whatever it is you’re flaming up!

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