Gadget Review: The Bowl Scraper


Not too long ago,  I picked up a gadget that will probably make kids and cooks alike scream blasphemy:  a bowl scraper.

Anyone that’s ever wandered into a kitchen just as a batch of cookies was being scooped out onto a cookie sheet knows what I’m talking about.  The only thing that can keep the masses calm while waiting on the cookies is licking the bowl!

Am I crazy?  Have I lost all connection to my childhood?  Have I forgotten how to have fun in the kitchen?  Or was I simply persuaded to pick up a bowl scraper because it sounded cool and cost a buck?  Two outta four ain’t bad (I’ll let you pick!).

Not Much of a Gadget

The scraper by itself is not too much of anything.  Its just a big piece of plastic with an edge.  But put that edge to work and you’ve got the makings of another cookie in the oven!

Of course, I wanted to put my scraper to the test right away.  Fortunately, I had just made my Sweet Potato Pudding which leaves a fair amount of food behind, even when the bowl is scraped with a spoon.


Sorry kiddies!  There’ll be no bowl licking here!


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3 Responses to “Gadget Review: The Bowl Scraper”

  1. First of all, there’s still some left in that bowl to lick. And second, if that gadget were at my house, we’d be licking that too!

  2. ha! too true! no one asked me to lick the scraper so i didn’t think about that.

  3. I could thing of a lot of other things to do with that thing! Scrape dirty pots, scrape stuck on food on countertop, scrape up dirt from…, use as a cutter, put frosting on cake, whupp bad younguns, chop nuts-fruit-bread crumbs etc. You get the message. Great gadget!!