Bill’s Grill: “Dining In” at Whole Foods

These days, shoppers expect to find hot and cold pre-cooked foods in their grocery stores. They might look for a salad bar in the produce section.  They might go to the deli for fried, baked, or rotisserie chicken.   They might even go to the seafood counter and be reminded “you buy it, we fry it”.

But all of these options are packaged for taking a purchase somewhere else for consumption.  What if I wanted to eat my fried fish right away!?

Now, I’ve seen restaurants in grocery stores before.  But these were usually on the periphery of the store, near the entrance or just outside.  Also, some grocery stores have tables and chairs outside, set up café style. 

I’m so glad that Whole Foods in Plaza El Segundo has taken grocery store dining to another level with no fewer than four restaurants IN their store.  And I mean in there.  On one side of the store, there’s a churrascaria /taqueria and a sushi bar.  In the back of the store, between the dairy section and wine, there’s a tapas shop.  And just on the other side of the wine, across from the meat and seafood, is Bill’s Grill & Smokehouse.

Imagine, walking through your grocery store and, just as you past the produce section, a quaint little patio restaurant pops out of nowhere.  It has an open kitchen with a charbroiler, a bar and tables facing a ceiling mounted flat screen TV, and a menu featuring burgers, salads, and BBQ combo plates.  That’s Bill’s Grill!

Bill’s menu gives the meat-eating, casual diner a couple of burger options and a few sandwich choices with pulled pork, chicken, or beef.  Veggie diners are limited to a couple salads and a veggie burger.  But the main attraction for everyone is their $5 Value Menu.

$5 Value Menu

With six items to choose from [hamburger, veggie burger, meat loaf , crab cake, turkey corn dogs, and chili dog] this is by far the best deal in the whole store.  For just $5, you can order your entrée and choose a side dish from baked beans, potato salad, cole slaw, or French fries.  Knowing that this deal is too good to be true (the regular price for the burger is $8.99!), the menu emphasizes that there are “Absolutely no substitutions or additions”.  Fortunately, the burger comes with the option to add cheese as part of the deal.

For the several times I’ve taken advantage of this deal, I’ve gone with the burger.  Trust me, I’ve wanted to branch out and try the other items, but the burger is so good that I always go for it.  Cooked to order on the charbroiler, it tastes like something made at a back yard cook out, only better!  The addition of mixed baby greens, tomatoes, and onions make this gourmet burger that much more of a treat.


To compliment the meal, Bill’s offers a few beverage options.  There’s beer (bottled or on tap) or root beet (also on tap).  But the best deal is the selection of Whole Food’s own 365 Sodas.  Cradled in a barrel of ice right next to the register, they’re chilly, sweet, and only $0.50 each.  For this meal, we went with the Orange and Cherry Vanilla Crèmes.  Delicious!  The Orange Crème was my favorite; the flavor was reminiscent of a Creamsicle from an ice cream truck.

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The one thing missing from Bill’s menu is dessert.  But after a satisfying burger, flavorful fries, and a tasty soda, I’m usually OK without the sweet stuff.  I always seem to change my mind, though, by the time I get to the bakery!

Bill’s Grill (Inside Whole Foods at Plaza El Segundo)

760 South Sepulveda Blvd.
El Segundo, CA 90245
Phone: 310.333.1900


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3 Responses to “Bill’s Grill: “Dining In” at Whole Foods”

  1. Oh no. Soda is my enemy, but that Cherry Vanilla Creme may just be the kryptonite! Keep it away!

  2. i need to keep it away. i was upset because there were no 0 calorie soda options, but hey, somebody has to do the research….right?

  3. Ah Man, I can’t believe that all this time I have been working only a few doors down from this place that I never knew it existed. I think I am going to check this place out today. I am already savoring one of those burgers and fries.