Blogger Prom Takes the (Cheese) Cake

After weeks of anticipation, Blogger Prom has risen to a climax and is settling into rosy memories of polyester, big wigs, and good eats.  The crew that put this thing together did a great job executing it and the attendees did their part by enjoying every minute.

My enjoyment was top notch but I did hit a couple snags along the way.  First, traffic heading up to West Hollywood was a mess coming from the South Bay.  Of course, that was to be expected right.  I mean, this is LA!  Second, when we arrived I was eager to snap some pics and of course my camera batteries started to cough and sputter.  Bummer!  But no worries; we made it in spite of traffic and I knew my fellow bloggers would be taking tons of pics.  I quickly settled myself to enjoy the event and just have a good time.

I’m not even going to attempt to cover everything.  The experience was a few notches shy of overwhelming in the sense of “wow look at all these crazy outfits and hairstyles and hey there’s so and so from that blog i read and where’s the chow line and OMG look at all that cheese and lets get some drinks from the bar poolside and WOW nice view”.  You get the idea.  What I will do, though is cover a few highlights.

First, the food was amazing.  There were several displays to choose from featuring meats, cheeses, nuts, and dried fruits.  The meat station also featured an awesomely creamy field mushroom risotto with parmesean cheese.  My favorite of the meats was the beef skewer.  It was so tender it practically melted in my mouth.  All of the entrees on the hot table were provided by the Andaz hotel’s chef.

2009-07-22 - Blogger Prgom 009

Of course, to wash down the good eats, we needed some good drinks!  There were several on hand.  One of the prom comittee’s staff, The Liquid Muse, offered up two signature cockatails for sampling.  Prom Punch Jungle Juice featured Pinky Vodka and was mixed as an adult version of a spiked fruit punch.  Rimmed with bright pink sugar, it was an eye opening beverage in more ways than one!

Prom Punch Jungle Juice - Photo Courtesy of

Prom Punch Jungle Juice - Photo Courtesy of

Any drink that includes off the wall ingredients like “homemade hibiscus cabernet syrup” gets my attention.  And sure enough, my fave of the evening was the Flor de Maria, which featured Gran Centenario Roseangel tequila.  An interesting take on a margarita, this was a very tasty and satisfying drink.

Flor de Maria - Photo courtesy of

Flor de Maria - Photo courtesy of

 So after having some great food, some great drinks, and dancing a bit to “Highway to the Danger Zone”, we were ready for dessert.  The sweets were hard to miss since they were flourescent mini-cupcakes from Polkatots and cheesecake pops from Pure Cheesecakes.   Both were decedently delicious.  The cupcakes were small enough to gulp down in one bite (OK, for me at least) and finished off with a nice crunch from their sugary topping.  The cheese cake pops were my favorite, though, with their chocolatey outside, creamy-smooth inside, and (for the dark chocolate ones) a light dusting of chopped nuts. (These go perfect with the beef skewers, by the way.  Don’t judge! I’m just letting you know…)

2009-07-22 - Blogger Prgom 006 

2009-07-22 - Blogger Prgom 005

After being completely satisfied with all the prom had to offer, there was even more.  As we left, we were decked out with goodie bags full of treats.  I’m still exploring to find out what’s in there!

Like I said, I only scratch the surface in this review.  For even more detail, I highly reccomend checking out the review over at Kevin Eats.  Lots more on the venue and lots of great pics, yes, some of which I borrowed.  Thanks, Kevin!

Oh yeah, you can find more pics on the Flikr group here: .  Let me know if you see any pics of me; my collar was damn near covering my shoulders!  Sadly, I didn’t take any pics of me and I won’t post any pics of Nicole without her permission…I know better!

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8 Responses to “Blogger Prom Takes the (Cheese) Cake”

  1. Hey, where was our invite? 🙁 Looks like the food was quite good. And the cocktails too. We like cocktails!

  2. Reading this post whilst having hunger pangs is not helpful to me.

  3. @The Duo – I wish I could have taken everyone to this event. I would have “made it rain” cocktails and goodie bags!

    @Yum Yucky – you know better than to read this blog on an empty stomach, right?

  4. Oh those cheesecake pops… I ate far too many and STILL wanted more!

  5. Hello!
    That night was so fun. Thank goodness there was all that food to go along with the free drinks. I love how the cheese ladies made you a plate to go with your drinks. The cheesecakepops were delicious.