OK, OK! Yours is Bigger Than Mine!

2009-07-19 - Johnsonville BIG Grill 009

There are big grills, and there are BIG GRILLS.  With more than 7 square feet of grilling surface, the Ranch Kettle by Weber is a big grill.  On the other hand, any grill that is more than 60 feet long and requires a tractor trailer to pull it around is a BIG GRILL.  The Johnsonville Big Taste Grill is a perfect example.

The Johnsonville folks rolled into Manhattan Beach a couple weeks ago for the American Volleyball Professionals (AVP) Manhattan Beach Open.  Located at the corner of Valley and Manhattan Beach Blvd, the truck and trailer-turned-grill took up most of the Vons parking lot.

The “grill”, modeled after a barrel cooker, was fully equipped to handle just about any grilling challenge you could imagine.  With several cooking surfaces, built in refrigerators, and even a kitchen sink, there’s probably no cooking challenge that this grill couldn’t handle.

2009-07-19 - Johnsonville BIG Grill 011

I must admit; I have a little bit of grill envy.

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3 Responses to “OK, OK! Yours is Bigger Than Mine!”

  1. That thing could be renovated and turned into an apartment. But leave in one grill for cooking and heating.

  2. Are the weiners and burgers any bigger? 🙂

  3. @Yum Yucky – Ha! i would have no problem living there…as long as they get the grilled brats coming!

    @The Duo – sadly, no! bout wouldn’t that be fab!? burgers and brats sized to fit the grill they’re being cooked on….YES!