Make Sure Your Kids Eat Free

These days going out to eat can be a wallet thumper for families.  Unless you’re scraping by on the dollar menu at some place, you’ll most likely be shelling out $20-$50 for a family of four depending on where you eat.  Of course, thrifty folks have been bucking the system for years.  They go out and eat, take their family along, and never pay a dime for Jr and Big Sis.  How?  They find ways to make sure their kids eat free.

My #1 spot for the many years was Rocky Cola Cafe in Redondo Beach; kids eat free on Tuesdays there. My daughter would ask all the time “can we go to Rocky Cola!?” She was a big fan of their pancakes, cheeseburgers, and just about everything else.  I loved the fact that they serve breakfast all day (BFD, anyone?).

So when she would ask to go, I’d ask back: “What day is it?” If it wasn’t Tuesday, she knew the answer to her question right away!

There are many other restaurants and shops that are offering kids eat free specials.  Thankfully, websites are available that help people sort out what’s locations are best in what neighborhoods and on what day.  Reminds me of a website I put together for happy hours, but that’s another story…. 

These are some of the better ones out there with lots of locations and accurate information.

My Kids Eat Free – Search nationally for kids deals by state, city, and day of the week.

Kids Meal Deals – Similar searches but adds a “within X miles” option.  Also social network saavy with Facebook and Twitter options for FB fam and tweeps.

Where Do Kids Eat Free Today – Winner for the most obvious website name, this site offers search and browsing by locale and allows viewers to add details to their growing database.

Oh, the whole “kids eat free” topic was started because every Tuesday I get an email from Marmalade Cafe in El Segundo.  Its always a reminder for their Wednesday night kids eat free special.  I have to share it because the food and service are good (I’ve eaten there but have yet to write a review) and the picture is so darn cute!


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