Best Super Market California Roll…Ever?

I was running errands near Nijiya Market on 182nd Street in Gardena and decided to run in for lunch.  Something light is always good for running around so I grabbed a bottle of jasmine tea and a California roll.  I was in for two big surprises.

2009-07-21 - Sushi Lunch 009

The California roll was the best I’ve had thus far from a super market.  That includes the high end ones like Bristol Farms in Manhattan Beach and Cooke’s Market in El Segundo.  The rice was cooked perfectly and the filling was clearly “krab” but had a flavor that was close to the real thing.  The seaweed paper, veggies, and sesame seeds rounded out the roll’s restaurant style flavor.

All the while I was noshing on the California roll, I was washing it down with some very good jasmine tea.  From the moment I opened the bottle, I knew I was in for a treat; the aroma was like a real jasmine flower!  I’m a big fan of jasmine teas but this one took some getting used to; the intense flavor had notes of bitterness but also a mild sweetness.  In the end though, I found myself savoring the last few sips like it was liquid gold.  The label on the bottle says “THE Jasmine Tea”.  I couldn’t agree more.  Anyone care to translate the rest of the bottle for me!?

2009-07-21 - Sushi Lunch 004

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3 Responses to “Best Super Market California Roll…Ever?”

  1. So a California Roll is like fake sushi? Please educate me! Also never heard of Jasmine Tea but sure like to try. I’ll search for it.

  2. not sure i would call it fake sushi; more like a sushi roll. true “sushi” is when the fish is sitting on top of a mond of rice. not to be confused with sashimi which is just the fish. rolls are the best of both worlds because it takes the fish (or other stuffing) and wraps it up in rice. they’re usually made from stuff that’s not raw (cooked crab, eel, etc.) so they are easier for non-raw-fish-lovers to eat.

    and YES please try jasmine tea. its one of my fave teas hot or cold. can’t drink it hot that often because it gets me a little loopy!

  3. California roll is fake crab meat and therefore is often refered to as fake sushi.