Labor Day Weekend’s Beautiful Celebration: Fiesta Hermosa

This Labor Day weekend, September 5 – 7, Hermosa Beach will be the epicenter for end of summer partying in the South Bay.  For the 37th year in a row, Fiesta Hermosa is one festival that can’t be missed.

Described by the Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce as the “largest arts & crafts fair in Southern California”, the event features 270+ painters, photographers, ceramicists, jewelers, sculptors, and other artists displaying and selling their crafts and creations.

We are always thankful for the the art, but real South Bay Foodies go for the food vendors and the beer garden!

Before you go, check out this page on the Fiesta Hermosa website for information on how to have the best experience possible.  Thousands of people come out and parking can be a mess!  If you don’t use the sponsored shuttle, I recommend parking in one of the neighboring communities (Manhattan or Redondo Beach) and walking or biking the strand to Hermosa.

Unfortunately, I may not be able to make it to this weekend’s Fiesta.  Fortunately, it comes around twice a year – Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends – and I made it there this past May.   Following are some of the highlights.  Hopefully they will inspire you to head over to Hermosa Beach and enjoy this Beautiful Celebration!

California Pizza Kitchen was there sampling three of their gourmet pizzas: Buffalo style Chicken, Chipotle Chicken, and Spinach Artichoke. The Buffalo Style Chicken was a winner by a landslide…at least by my judging.

The Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog is a standard of outdoor events in Southern California. No visit to a carnival or festival is complete without getting some “death on a bun”.

There are food vendors all throughout the festival but the main area to check out is the food court near Hermosa Ave and 11th St. There are tables but it does get crowded. Be prepared to eat on the go or share a table with some new fiesta friends.

For a kid free experience, head to the beer garden! There are tables and chairs there too and plenty of Astroturf covered ground space for picnic style dining. Oh, drinks will be close by too!

For the Memorial Day Fiesta, Silvio’s Brazilian BBQ of Harbor City had some great offerings of barbecued beef and chicken along with salads. We didn’t try the Jungle Juice!

A highlight for me was the gyro from this tent (can’t recall the name of the business).

Oh, did I mention they had baklava too! This stuff is like Kryptonite as far as I’m concerned.

Be sure to check out the Beer and Wine Garden too.  In addition to being an slight oasis from the crowds (no kids or pets allowed), all proceeds from the garden go to charity.  You’ll be drinking for a cause!

2009-05-25 - Fiesta Hermosa 030-upload

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7 Responses to “Labor Day Weekend’s Beautiful Celebration: Fiesta Hermosa”

  1. A Pizza and Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs schmorgasborg! Why am I on the East Coast this weekend? (as if I’m not over here in Delaware all the other weekends) Argh!

  2. you know how we get down with bacon wrapped dogs out this way! we gotta have ’em. whenever you get ready to head this way for a foodie vacation, we’ll have greedy goodies on tap. 😀

  3. OH my gawrsh, this all looks very tasty. Unfortunately, I am insanely broke, and will have to spend my Labor backyarding it with a grill. Fiddlesticks.

    It was great to meet you last week!! I hope we do it again soon.

  4. does anyone remember the name of the ice cream sandwich vendor? i’ve been trying to figure it out. i had a huge rocky road ice cream sandwiched between two fresh baked (and still warm) chocolate chip cookies. i have a pic if anyone want’s to see?