The 100th BevMo Opens: The Mega Tasting Kickoff!


Attention all foodies: a new Bevmo has emerged in the South Bay, and it is situated on PCH in Rolling Hills (just south of the PCH and Hawthorne intersection).

This location celebrated its opening in style, with a mega tasting event that benefited the Boys & Girls Club of the South Bay. This lively festivity took place in the adjoining parking lot, and it featured an array of tasting tents and hoeur dourves, including ahi on cucumber, a variety of wraps, bruchetta, fresh fruit, cookies, and brownies.  Some noteworthy aspects of this event were the Jack Daniels luxury bus (that featured an expert to answer questions and offer information about this whisky) and a fireman fundraiser table that was selling a Jim Beam cookbook and offering some delectable BBQ (yum!).


Ahi on cucumber.

Let’s get to the good part…the alcohol! Everyone was given drinking tickets (inside a goody bag that also offered a BevMo wine class, a wine opener, and coupons) to sample 10 beverages of their choice. Many respectable wineries (Beringer, Coppola, Toad Hollow, etc.) and breweries (Dogfish, Pyramid, etc.) were represented, and the options also included hard alcohol (Johnnie Walker, Three Olives, etc.) and creative cocktails. Some tasty finds were:

  • the Margarita King (a pre-made cocktail that simply needs to be shaken and served)
  • the Leblon Cachaca (Brazilian rum that creates a variety of fruity beverages)
  • Three Olives’ new Bubble vodka (bubble gum vodka may sound weird, but women were flocking to this tent to savor the new drink)
  • Big Daddy’s Bloody Mary Mix (perfect amount of spice)
  • the Remy Martin Champagne Cognac (strong, but good)


Be sure to visit this new location to check out the variety of booze, to meet the friendly staff, and to take advantage of the 5 cent wine sales!

The 100th BevMo

2533 Pacific Coast Hwy
Torrance, CA 90505-7091
(310) 257-0034

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4 Responses to “The 100th BevMo Opens: The Mega Tasting Kickoff!”

  1. So very hungry right now. Thanks to you. You’re use of the word “delectable” made my stomach growl. And a 5 cent wine sale?

  2. @Yum Yucky – The $0.05 (aka Five Cent) wine sale is no relation to the rapper “Fitty Cent”. Basically its a buy one get one “free” sale where free = five cents. Its a good deal but they only offer it on select bottles.

  3. It’s a better deal if you mail me some. For free.

  4. Courtney, thank you for the plug & pics!! This was one of the best grand openings yet that i have done with Bev Mo! Good Times! Thank’s again, James