Hotel Erwin Hosts Coca-Cola Aluminum Bottle “Mixer”


Coca-Cola has a new outfit: this refreshing beverage is now being served in a chic aluminum bottle that’s designed to keep your beverage cool 15% longer…and make you look cool while sipping it.

On November 17, Hotel Erwin held an exclusive tasting at its swanky HIGH Lounge, and we were front and center to scope the scene and sample the goods. This rooftop party presented Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, cocktail creations, tasty appetizers, and festive giveaways…all with a view of the Venice Beach area and beyond!

Cocktail Choices

For cocktails, Coca-Cola proved to be a versatile mixer, and it tasted great combined with rum, vodka, and tequila. Everyone got to pick a Coca-Cola beverage — Classic, Diet, or Zero — and have it mixed to create:

· Coca-Libre – Rum, grenadine, and red sugar

· Lemon Chilled – Vodka and lemonade

· Zero Gravity – Tequila and fresh lime juice

The only complaint issued regarding the cocktails?  People couldn’t indulge in more (except for those who had a ride home of course).

It turns out Coke can also complement food.  It was added to the ketchup to give it a flavorsome kick, creating the perfect dipping sauce for corndogs.  It was impossible to eat just one of these mini-delights. Coke was also added to a meatball sauce, and once again…delicious! Tuna tartare (with an avocado sauce) was another appetizer offering, and the vegetarian option consisted of caprese on a wonton. Yum and yum!


The food and drinks were enjoyed on the hotel’s rooftop lounge that was equipped with comfy and modern couches, heating lamps, and an amazing view of the sparkling water and city. Everyone enjoyed a ‘Coca-Cola high’ up at the HIGH lounge!

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