Meet Up With Little Debbie in Torrance and Wilmington This Friday

Hot on the heels of National Cupcake Day, Little Debbie is coming to town to give away some baked goodies for free.

OK, so the Little Debbie isn’t coming.  Representatives of the brand, hereafter known as the “Smile Squad”, will be in the South Bay this coming Friday to hand out free treats while supplies last.


The Little Debbie Smile Squad and Cupcake Car.

Look for the Smile Squad at Food-4-Less in Torrance and Wilmington from 9 AM to Noon.

Fittingly, the Smile Squad is decked out in Smart Cars tricked out to look like chocolate cupcakes.  The visit is part of Little Debbie’s Share-a-Thon tour which has already made stops in several East Coast cities.

If getting a free cupcake isn’t motivation enough for you to see the Smile Squad in person, check out the Share-a-Thon website to register for a chance to win prizes including a GPS system, a year’s supply of cupcakes (how many is that!?), or your very own cupcake smart car.  Sweet!

Like any other product promotion going on these days, you can follow the Smile Squad and their cupcake mobiles on Twitter at

Cupcake Car Times and Locations

Friday, December 18, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

851 W. Sepulveda Blvd.
Torrance, CA

336 W. Anaheim St.
Wilmington, CA

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6 Responses to “Meet Up With Little Debbie in Torrance and Wilmington This Friday”

  1. You had me frickin’ happy for a sec. I work in Wilmington….Delaware.

    Wilmington Delaware, doggone-it!

    And so the I-not-in-California-for-the-good-eats torture continues.

  2. @YumYucky Oh no! didn’t mean to get your hopes up with visions of cupcakes…only to crush your dreams from 2000 miles away! 😀

    We will get you to a California “good eats” event one of these days! in the mean time, we’ll try to keep the torture to a minimum. 😉

  3. Don’t know what I’d do with a cupcake car but I’m sure I’d get a lot of smiles & laughs from people as I drove by!

  4. I think I’d gain weight just looking at a big ol’ cupcake on wheels. ha!