Giving Thanks for Lomo Arigato

Los Angeles is abuzz with talk of food trucks and street food.  From breakfast to dinner to late night snacks, mobile eateries are all the rage.  Thank goodness we’re getting more action from food trucks here in the South Bay!  Recently, the Asian-Peruvian inspired cuisine of Lomoarigato rolled into town.

Wednesday last week I was already content with breakfast from Buttermilk Truck when I found out Lomo Arigato was coming into town.   What!?  TWO in-demand food trucks in one day?  Both of them in El Segundo!? I figured I was dreaming.  I had been hoping to get a taste of their niche worthy cooking ever since CJ’s Bug hipped me to them on Twitter.  Fortunately, I was able to snap to my senses and made my way to where they were parked on Maple street, just minutes from my building!

Lomo Arigato Truck

Lomo Arigato Truck

It was after the lunch rush by the time I got there which was great because I had time to peruse the menu and chat with the truck owner, Chef Eric.  We talked about the ins and outs of the mobile food business — getting the truck fitted with the kitchen, finding places to park, getting chased away by restaurant owners — and most importantly, what was good on the menu.


Lomo Saltado, Chaufa, and Tallarin Saltado

They were serving up their three signature dishes: Lomo Saltado, a hefty dish of stir fried french fries with seasoned meat or tofu, topped with rice; Chaufa – Peruvian style fried rice; and Tallarin Saltado – spaghetti stir fried in a wok, with Peruvian style meats.

Chaufa - Peruvian style fried rice

Chaufa - Peruvian style fried rice

I was totally game for the Tallarin Saltado and — on the Chef’s reccomendation — went for the fried rice as well, both with chicken.  Each dish was seasoned and tasty, bringing to mind a smoky sort of flavor from the chicken but a decidedly Asian flavor from the noodles, rice, and vegetables.  The cool, green tinged Peruvian sauce brought both dishes to another level.

Washing it all down was an ice cold Inca Cola.   Always a treat, Inca Cola is something like a pineapple cream soda flavored with a hint of bubble gum.  Surprisingly delicious and refreshing, it paired nicely with the rice and noodles.


Inca Cola - Its like a flavor party in a can!

I have to thank Eric, first for a wonderful meal and second for making the trip to El Segundo.  Domo arigato Lomo Arigato!! We’re looking forward to having you back soon!

If you’d like to find out where the Lomo truck will be next, follow them on Twitter at

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7 Responses to “Giving Thanks for Lomo Arigato”

  1. Look. At. That. RICE!! It’s a beautiful thang. Better than a chicken wang.

  2. Yep, the rice was pretty tasty. I got totally greedy and ate the rice AND the noodles. Oh, and the Kola too. Whee!

  3. Yes, the fried rice looks off the chains. Gotta find the truck! (Too many trucks to find!)