My Sweet Dream Is Lido’s Kitchen Nightmare

I was totally stoked last summer when I was invited to dine at Lido di Manhattan while Gordon Ramsay was filming an episode of Kitchen Nightmares. I’m even more excited now as the show is airing this Thursday on Fox!

Last July, Gordon Ramsay brought the crew of Kitchen Nightmares to Lido Di Manhattan for business as usual: to see what’s wrong with the place and fix it.  Along the way, of course, there would be tears and cuss-words of frustration along with cheers of triumph as the restaurant careened forward on the path to greatness.

Sadly, I didn’t get to see too much drama, but I did get to try some tasty food while getting a “behind the scenes” look at this neat show.  Follow this link for my review of that experience.  I’ll be sharing a review of the show as well.

Set your DVRs and keep an eye out for me.  I might be on screen for all of 15 seconds !  hahaha! 😀

Lido’s episode of Kitchen Nightmares airs on Fox this Thursday, March 4 at 9 PM Eastern Time.

From what I gather via LA Weekly’s update, Lido will be having a viewing party for this event.  Click here for reservations and more information or call (310) 536-0730.

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7 Responses to “My Sweet Dream Is Lido’s Kitchen Nightmare”

  1. Kitchen Nightmares & Hell’s Kitchen are my guilty pleasures! I’ll be lookin out for ya!

  2. Yeah! They are fun shows. Thanks for watching for me….don’t blink! LOL!

  3. Time for you to get SAG credits! 🙂

  4. haha! hopefully they will give me a discount for the 3 seconds of screen time that I put in this year. I don’t have any blockbuster hits planned for the summer!

  5. I saw this episode – only episode of “Kitchen Nightmares” I’ve ever watched. I watched just b/c it was in MB. I’m jealous you’ve eaten there. Is it as good as it looked post-makeover? Because that episode was making me hungry, at least after Chef Ramsey got to the kitchen.

  6. Hey Melissa! Yes, it was good post-nightmare. The crab pasta dish was pretty tasty!

    Oh, and I’m glad I was a participant in your Kitchen Nightmares premiere. I’ll let you know when I’m gonna pop up on another episode.