In Torrance and Long Beach, Bo Knows Cigars

On a recent visit to Old Town Torrance I came across a very impressive cigar shop. From the outside, Bo’s Cigar’s might look like any of the other quiet stores lining Satori Ave. One look inside, though, and its easy to see why Bo’s is not your average tobacco vendor.

"Lookin', feelin', and smellin' like a million bucks!" -- Ludacris

The cozy main lounge is filled with overstuffed leather chairs. On the walls, two large plasma TVs offer prime viewing for news and sporting events. With the plush accommodations and heady scent of aged tobacco, the room and has the look and feel of a millionaire’s trophy room. I could totally see Rockefeller or Hughes relaxing there in a smoking jacket, lounging with a lit Cohiba and a glass of scotch.

Beyond the main lounge is a huge walk-in humidor. The selection of cigars is extensive, with a clear bias towards refined tastes. You might be hard pressed to find a KahlĂșa flavored cigar here! Not that I was looking for one at the time….I’m just sayin’!

bos cigar lounge torrance humidor

The well stocked humidor at Bo's Cigar Louge in Torrance.

In addition to the comfy lounge and well stocked humidor, Bo’s also has a private room for meetings and a classy restroom complete with a TV. Patrons are welcome to bring in their own food and beverages but liquor is not permitted. Several nice restaurants are within walking distance — Red Car Brewery, Buffalo Fire Department, The Depot — so enjoying a carry-out meal with a cigar could easily be arranged.

Be sure to check out their websites for special events. This Saturday, Apil 24, representatives from Olivia Cigars will be be on site. And while I can only imagine what it is, they’re already gearing up for the “Big Smoke” on June 12th in Long Beach’s El Dorado Park Golf Course.

I don’t smoke cigars regularly, but its nice to know there’s a classy, well stocked cigar shop right here in Torrance.

Bo’s Cigar Lounge

Bo’s Torrance
1305 Sartori Avenue – Suite B
Torrance, CA 90501

Bo’s Long Beach
4501 E. Carson Street #114
Long Beach, CA 90808

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  1. Bo’s cigar lounge is the greatest cigar lounge around. Very classy, and it has the best customer service, and knowledge around. Showing all the fights, and big games, it’s the place to be!