Food Truck Friday: Frysmith

This week on Food Truck Friday, we’re taking a closer look at Frysmith, serving "fries that eat as a meal".



Cuisine: With gourmet toppings, Frysmith transforms the typical basket of fries from side dish to center-piece entree.

The Truck:

The Food:

I caught Frysmith on a Tuesday, not at the Century Food Truck Lot, but further north at the Howard Hughes Promenade.  Annalise had been tracking the iron-clad-battleship of a truck and suggested we check them out.  I was hesitant, thinking it was only fries but was pleased to find out their fare was fries topped with extra fixin's.

It was also cool to see how they had a rotating list of beverages and offered pairing to go with the specials for the day.  They had Cheerwine, a fruity, Dr. Pepper-like soda that I enjoy sipping on when visiting North Carolina.

I ended up getting the basil mint chicken fries, flavored with coconut milk, lime, ginger and splash of rum.  It was the rum that sold me on it!  The fries were good and the chicken was nicely seasoned.  I will be glad to try another dish from Frysmith soon!

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4 Responses to “Food Truck Friday: Frysmith”

  1. ha! It’s near impossible to find any spot that sells Cheerwine around these here parts. How funny you can find it on a food truck.

  2. Tell me about it! I hate that I was just in NC and forgot to get some Cheerwine. Oh well…..