LA Fails the Honest Tea Test :(

A couple weeks ago Honest Tea put LA residents to the test: buy a bottle of tea for $1 from an unmanned store.   The results are in…and slightly depressing.

Sadly, I nailed it on the head with a prediction on Twitter.  Why did I have to be correct!?

Watch out, Nostradamus. South Bay Foodies for the win!

When given the opportunity to get an ice cold bottle of tea for $1, only 75% of people interacting with the unmanned store paid.

I made my guess based on Angelenos and their stereotypical mentality of “what can you do for me?”.  With a mind like that, you’re more likely to take than give.  Sad!

With this score, LA falls into last place compared to ALL of the other cities put to the test including Boston (93%), New York (89%), and Chicago (78%).

I am glad, though, that at least 75% of the folks taking tea shelled out 100 pennies for each bottle they took.  Watch the video below to get more info on this project!

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