This Weekend! First Thursday and Fiesta Hermosa, Leimert Park African Art & Music Festival, Conquer the Bridge

Aw man!  It's Labor Day already!?  Seems like summer was just getting started and now instead of "back to the beach" life is all about "back to school". 

Whatever the case, Labor Day is a long weekend so we get one more day to forget about work, school, and anything else Tuesday might bring.  Here are a few things to help you while the time away. Enjoy!

First Thursday and Fiesta Hermosa

Hermosa Beach is packing a one-two punch this weekend.  The monthly First Thursday series kicks off the long weekend with deals and specials at vendors and restaurants all over town. 

Without event missing a beat, Fiesta Hermosa — Southern California's largest arts and crafts fair — picks up on Friday and runs all weekend long.  You can read our past review here.  If you don't read it, here's all you need to know: Beer Garden!

Leimert Park African Art & Music Festival

Just up the road from the South Bay, another arts, crafts, and music festival is taking place.  Leimert Parks's African Art & Musics Festival takes place from Saturday to Monday.

With an emphasis on community and family, this festival features free entertainment, including jazz, reggae, blues, R&B, and spoken word.  There's also an International Food Court featuring cuisine from Africa and around the world.

2nd Running Of Conquer the Bridge, San Pedro

On Monday morning when most of us will be sleeping in — either recovering from Sunday night partying or sleeping in because we don't have to work…..or both — hundreds of runners will be racing across the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro.

Conquer the Bridge is a 5 mile race from San Pedro to Terminal Island and back again all via the third longest suspension bridge in California.  Driving across is one thing, but walking or running across must be tremendous!  You'd have plenty of time to enjoy the views of Long Beach, the harbor, and (if the skies are clear) maybe Catalina.

Unfortunately, entries are closed so running across might not be an option. You can still go down to cheer the runners on and afterward sample some cuisine around San Pedro or Long Beach.  Stop by San Pedro Brewing or perhaps Yard House in LBC.

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2 Responses to “This Weekend! First Thursday and Fiesta Hermosa, Leimert Park African Art & Music Festival, Conquer the Bridge”

  1. My husband asked me to drop him off at Fiesta Hermosa today to avoid the parking thing. I think he must have heard your rallying cry of “Beer Garden” because he was gone for a couple of hours and said he had a great time. He also said the bands and music were great. And the food.

  2. I’m glad he was able to get out there and enjoy the festival! I evangelize the beer garden because its one of the few places in the festival where folks can settle down in peace, away from the pets, kids, their parents, etc. and still enjoy the vibe of the whole thing. Who would have thought that beer would bring such serenity!