Food Truck Friday: Cajun Food “2 Geaux” with Ragin Cajun


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This week on Food Truck Friday we catch up with the Ragin Cajun truck, another truck representing LA on the Food Network show The Great Food Truck RaceFive teams from LA rolled into the first season and I’m doing my best to visit them all.

Catching up with Ragin Cajun has been difficult.  Their twitter feed has been quiet and the schedule on their website doesn’t go out very far.  I’ve seen them near my office but was always on my way somewhere and didn’t have time to stop.

Fortunately the very capable and forward thinking Nicole of Skinny People Do spotted the truck, stopped them, and asked them where they would be parking in the coming week.  Armed with that intel, I made plans to sample their Cajun cuisine.

I’m so glad I did!

Arriving at the truck, we were greeted warmly and offered samples of the Bayoo Bowls, authentic Cajun stews served over rice.  All of them were good.  The Chicken Sausage Bisque ($6) was the winner though, with its toothsome chunks of meat and a smooth, creamy sauce.  I ended up ordering the bisque which came in a large tub with a generous portion of rice.  It was enough to compliment my sandwich and have some leftover.

Speaking of sandwiches, I had the Fried Shrimp Po Boy ($7).  OMG!  It was very tasty.  The shrimp was fried nicely; crispy and seasoned on the outside while moist and tender on the inside.  I got all of the trimmings — lettuce, tomato, and a seasoned mayo — along with the accompanying shrimp sauce.  All of it came together in an explosion of flavor and texture that was tremendous and filling.

They also had a line of sauces available for condiments.  I tried the garlic sauce and enjoyed its vinegary tanginess.  On the sweeter side, a cheesecake with caramel praline sauce was available for dessert.  I’ll save that one for next time!

In all, I enjoyed the Ragin Cajun truck’s authentic Cajun cuisine.  I’m looking forward to trying some of the other bowls and that cheesecake.  Oh, Nicole says they have bread pudding too.  Gimme some of that “2 Geaux”!

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8 Responses to “Food Truck Friday: Cajun Food “2 Geaux” with Ragin Cajun”

  1. Great write up! I loved my shout out with mentioning what I ate.

  2. Shouting out was the least I could do! I might not have been able to find them without your help.

    What you ordered will be our little secret! 😉

  3. Our friend from New Orleans would’ve been the perfect taste tester for this. Too bad she moved back to N.O. :/

  4. @The Duo – “Too bad”!? If she’s in New Orleans she’s in Po Boy Heaven! 😀

  5. This is so cool! Reaching the mouths of busy office workers and other who can’t get the chance to formally visit a restaurant and enjoy the food. It is very convenient this way.

  6. Stephan – Where are you, my friend? Yolanda and I have been by the new location but there was no one home!

    Please stay in touch – I’d like to see you soon.

    David M. Guibert

  7. Holy Moley! This place is incredible. I want to be buried in the bisque and eat my way out!!! I have never tried anything so yummy in my life!