Food Truck Friday: Truck Race Finale Puts Grill ‘Em All vs. Nom Nom

This Sunday on Food Network, the winner of the The Great Food Truck Race will be announced.  After five weeks of tough competition, the field of seven trucks has been narrowed to just two:  The burger saavy Grill ‘Em All and the banh mi specialists Nom Nom Truck.

Logo mash-up combing the finalists' logos to from "Grill Nom All". See photo credit below.

With the majority of the trucks based in Los Angeles, many of us in the area have had the chance to order from the trucks and get to know their crews.  With all other competitors eliminated, its time for viewers and truck regulars to choose sides.

Nom Nom has been the standout, finishing in the top spot every week of the competition.  Meanwhile, Grill ‘Em All has held their own, winning two truck stops including a nail-biter in week 3; without it they may have been eliminated in that round.

Rolling into the last episode, the two trucks set up shop in New York to determine who will take home the $50,000 prize.

It was my hope to feature Grill ‘Em All in this episode of Food Truck Friday.  Sadly, I missed them during their recent visit to DinDin-A-GoGo at K1 speed.  Meanwhile, the lines at Nom Nom truck have grown exponentially long, foiling what I hoped would be a quick grab-and-go during a recent lunch break.

Whatever the turnout is this Sunday, I’ll be looking forward to getting a taste of the Molly Hatchet burger from Grill ‘Em All along with a savory grilled pork banh mi from Nom Nom truck.  I’m satisfied knowing that it doesn’t matter who wins; either way it’ll be an LA truck!

Who are you picking to win it all?

Photo credit goes to 0ptimusprime’s take on a logo mash up made my Misa of Nom Nom Truck. On the web at

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