Food Truck Friday: Best of the Best Food Truck Rally

This Saturday, five gourmet food trucks will rally in West Hollywood to see who is the best of the best…and you’ll be the judge!

Presented by, “The Best of the Best Food Truck Rally is a contest pitting the best mobile grub slingers in the City of Angels against each other for the title of Best Truck in LA”.

With so many trucks rolling around these days, it may be up for debate if the competing trucks are truly the best.  Put on your own contest if you beg to differ!  Contestants in this one include:

  • Dante Fried Chicken (@kfcrip) — “TransAtlantic African Food”.
  • Dim Sum Truck (@dimsumtruck) — “The first & only food truck serving authentic dim sum”.
  • Frysmith (@frysmith) — “Truck with fries that eat as a meal”.
  • Komodo (@komodofood) — “Dangerously Good Food. Not your average taco truck”.
  • Lardon (@getyourlardon)– “A rolling wgon dedicated solely to dishes made from deliciously sizzling porkiness”.

The best thing about this event?  Its free!  Well, an RSVP and a $5 donation to Meals on Wheels is required but entry includes samples from all of the competing trucks.

Also included are samples from other event sponsors: Bacardi Limon, Dos Equis, Dentyne Pure, and — how appropriate! — Pepto Bismol! 😀

Best of the Best Food Truck Rally

Saturday, October 2
Siren Studios, West Hollywood

To RSVP (must be 21+) and for more info:

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