An Open Letter to Gateway to LA: Thanks for the Trucks!

This Tuesday while I was grabbing lunch from the trucks over at the Century Blvd Truck Lot, I met Jim Sakalis, the Operations Manager at Gateway to LA.

Gateway to LA is the group that sponsors and coordinates the truck lot.

A sunny day at the Gateway to LA food truck lot. Photo courtesy of Gateway to LA.

I got a chance to chat with Jim and let him know how much I appreciated having the trucks so close to LAX for lunch every week.  Here’s the email I sent to him as a follow up to our conversation.

Hi, Jim!  This note is from Michael at South Bay Foodies; we met today at the trucks during lunch time.

Just wanted to share the link with you that I mentioned.  It has my review of the lot and the embedded calendar.

Thanks again for putting the lot together and bringing the trucks so close to where we live and work!  Many of these trucks would not come out this way otherwise.

Also, the environment is great!  The setting is very inviting with plenty of room to see all of the trucks, tables and chairs for comfortable dining, and even live music.

I’m a fan of food truck festivals and having so many trucks to choose from in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere is like having our very own festival each week.

Again, thanks for bringing us the trucks!



If you’re a fan of food trucks and visit the Tuesday lot on Century Blvd, share your appreciation!  Its as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Stop by the Gateway to LA contact page and send an email to Jim
  2. Visit Gateway to LA on Facebook and “Like” them
  3. Leave a comment below!
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7 Responses to “An Open Letter to Gateway to LA: Thanks for the Trucks!”

  1. I LOOOVVEE the Century Lot! I go every Tuesday during lunch!! Thanks for bringing it to us (LA Gateway:))

  2. Thanks for the comment! 😀

  3. The next time I’m in LA I hope to have lunch at the “Trucks at Gateway to LA”! I wish we had some “Trucks” at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation where I work here in Atlanta!!
    See you for lunch next Tuesday! (smile)

  4. OK! We will check out the trucks next time you are in town!

    As for getting trucks at the GBI, I’ll see if some will roll out….but driving from LA to ATL might drive prices up. 🙂

  5. You are the king of the trucks!

  6. Wow! I feel like royalty now. 😀

  7. I WANTS THE FOOD TRUCK!!!! but you know that already. :/