Food Truck Friday: Sweet Treat from Crepes Bonaparte says “Mission Complete”

In this episode of Food Truck Friday, I sample one of the namesake dishes from Crepes Bonaparte.  At the same time, I complete the task of chasing down five LA food trucks featured on Food Network.


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The Truck:
Truck View -- Lunch at Crepes Bonaparte

The Food:
Crepe With Fork -- Lunch at Crepes Bonaparte

My mission is complete!

Since the debut of Food Network’s The Great Food Tuck Race last fall, I’ve been trying to sample the cuisine of each Los Angeles based truck from the first season of the show.

Of the seven trucks competing, five of them were based right here in Southern California, the “gourmet food truck capital of the world” (ha!).

Before catching up with Crepes Bonaparte, I had the chance to get some chow from these trucks that were also participants on the show:

  • Ragin Cajun: Serving authentic Louisiana Cajun food “2 geuax”
  • Nana Queens: Taking banana pudding and chicken wings to the next level
  • Grill ‘Em All: Mixing signature burgers and fries with killer rock and roll
  • Nom Nom Truck: Creating harmony with their Asian inspired tacos and banh mi
  • Spencer on the Go: A French cafe experience on wheels (Not one of the LA 5, but I caught up with them during a visit to San Francisco)

With my mission in mind, I was glad to see Crepes Bonaparte scheduled to appear at a recent Gateway to Go truck stop and planned accordingly.  My intentions were all about desert.

Even though their menu features plenty of savory crepes, I was opting for anything with fruit and nutella, all snuggled together in a warm, fluffy French pancake dusted with powdered sugar.

Sure enough, I found it.  As I savored each bite of my HazelBerryAna crepe, I smiled thinking this lovely dessert was the perfect way to end my trek to dine with each the LA trucks.

Mission complete, indeed.

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