Beer 101: An Intro to Beverages at Public School 612

School is _in_ for the summer at Downtown LA’s newest gastropub, Public School 612.  Co-located with sister restaurant The Daily Grill at 612 South Flower Street, Public School 612 — also known as PS 612 — is a new dining concept with lessons that provide “An education in the art of food & beer”.

PS 612 is a modern schoolhouse turned gastropub in Downtown Los Angeles.

PS 612 is a gastropub in Downtown Los Angeles.

Knowledge Served Daily

Staying true to their slogan, PS 612 offers “class” daily starting at 4 PM with “students” studying well  into the night.  Topics from their composition-book menu (PDF) include American History with local beers like the Pasadena-born Craftsman 1903 ($5) and Semester Abroad with imports like the Duvel Green ($9) from Belgium.

The beers are accompanied by a line-up of affordable and comforting foods that are nothing like the chow from your elementary school cafeteria.  The 1903 Fish and Chips goes for just $11 and the hearty Colorado Lamb Burger is a bargain at just $13.

Several signature cocktails, a pedigreed list of top shelf spirits, and a few red and white wines round out the lesson plan.

Advanced Studies: Beer 101

For students that want to get a bit more instruction on their favorite topic, PS 612 goes a step beyond their menu by offering an in depth education on beer, whisky, and the foods that go with them.

A few of the beers "studied" during Beer 101 at Public School 612

A few of the beers "studied" during Beer 101 at Public School 612

Beer 101 and Whisky 101 are actual classes — best classes ever! — that offer the student several beers or whiskies to sample along with items from the PS 612 menu.  The classes are led by experts that share fun facts and history along with tips on the best ways to enjoy the beverages.

In May I attended a complimentary session of Beer 101 led by Hallie Beaune, beer expert and co-author of The Naked Pint: An Unadulterated Guide to Craft Beer. She also has the distinction of curating the list of beers for PS 612’s menu as well as being one half of the sommelier duo known as The Beer Chicks.

Hallie Beaune offering expert advice on all things beer during Beer 101.

Hallie Beaune offering expert advice on all things beer during Beer 101.

Hallie led our boisterous class through nine tastes of beers varying in flavor, color, and alcohol intensity.  All the while she answered questions and shared her sage-like beer wisdom.  Some of the topics discussed included the difference between ales and lagers,  the correlation of temperature to a beer’s flavor, and the proper way to enjoy beer from a can or bottle (here’s a hint: “pour it in a glass”!).

Paired with each taste of beer was a lavash prepared by Daily Grill Executive Chef Phil Kastel.  A couple of these insanely delicious flat breads featured wild mushrooms and truffle oil in one pairing and chorizo and eggs in another.

Chorizo and Eggs Lavash for Beer 101 at Public School 612

The Chorizo and Eggs Lavash for Beer 101 at Public School 612. Sunny side up!

Even though I don’t think I failed (there was no test at the end!), I’m sure I could easily take this class again and again and again…

If you’re looking to enroll in Beer 101, a session is coming up on Monday, June 20.  Call PS 612 (see number below) to sign up for the class.  Considering all of the beer and food you have the opportunity to sample, the $25 tuition is a bargain.

An After School Snack

Once the beer lessons concluded, I stayed after class.  Not for extra credit or for detention — though I would gladly take it if detention involved more beer — but for desert;  let’s just call it an after school snack.

Whether you go to Beer 101 or not, definitely stop by PS 612 for the PB&J Cookies and Milk ($5):  two dense, chewy peanut butter cookies with strawberry jelly nestled in the center served with a glass of ice cold milk.  Ah, to be a kid again.

PB&J Cookies and Milk at PS 612

PB&J Cookies and Milk at PS 612...You would stay after school for these.

Public School 612
(213) 623-1172
Open Daily from 4 PM until Close
612 S. Flower St, Los Angeles (Map)


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