Move Learn Eat – Three Amazing Short Films Encapsulate Travel at its Best

I’m always ready to do some traveling but seeing three 60 minute videos really have me fired up to hit the road in search of adventure.

"Eat" from the series of travel films produced by Rick Mereki.

"Eat" from the series of travel films produced by Rick Mereki.

Three short films – titled “Move”, “Learn”, and “Eat” – were recently released by Australian filmmaker Rick Mereki.  Each 60 second movie captures themes from an epic tour completed by Mereki and two of his friends:  In six weeks, the trio visited eleven countries.

  • Move”, probably to most insanely edited of the three, shows Mereki’s friend Andrew Lee seamlessly moving through changing scenes that change almost as fast as they appear.
  • Learn” follows Andrew as he gets in depth appreciation of different cultures by learning everything from weaving, to guitar, to wine tasting, to mountain climbing.
  • Eat” chronicles the variety of foods that the trio encountered during their travels.  You’ll find Andrew reacting to everything from pastas, chili dogs, a candied apple, and even an insect.

If you haven’t seen these videos already, you’ll want to see them for yourself.  My summaries don’t do them justice!  And when you’re ready to hit the road, let me know.  I’m ready to go too!

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