New Cocktails on the Happy Hour Menu at Lazy Dog Café, Torrance

Lazy Dog Café at is a popular stop for movie goers and mall rats looking for a place to refill and unwind while shopping Del Amo mall in Torrance. The South Bay Foodies stopped in recently to check out some of the new additions to their happy hour menu*. In this episode, we focus on the some of the classy new cocktails that had us saying “its a dog’s life for me!”.

Happy Hour Menu at Lazy Dog Cafe, Torrance

Happy Hour Menu at Lazy Dog Cafe, Torrance

Known as Happiest Hour, Lazy Dog’s menu specials start at 3 PM Monday through Friday. Sunday through Thursday the party starts at 9 PM and goes until closing time. Happy hour specials are only available in the bar area and on the patio. While there’s plenty of room at the bar and on the heated patio, come early for the best seat selections if you’d like a view of the game on one of the TV’s mounted over the bar. Oh, and come thirsty!

  • Sangria Sampler ($8.25): This one is a heck of an idea and a great deal for indecisive sangria lovers. Packaged in cute little mason jars, the sampler features three four-ounce pours of Pomegranate Red, Black Currant Rose, and White Peach sangrias. The rack even has tags to help you keep the different flavors sorted out. If you’re using the wine tasting method to go from the sweetest to the boldest of the bunch, I’d suggest starting with the peach, rounding the bend with the black currant, and finishing up with the pomegranate.
Sangria Sampler, Happy Hour at Lazy Dog Cafe, Torrance 026

Sangria Sampler: Don't settle for one, try all three!

  • Cucumber Martini ($6): This heady concoction was a crowd pleaser among the South Bay Foodies enlisted to give it a taste (thanks, Margaret!). The beverage combines Rain Organics Cucumber Lime Vodka, fresh cucumbers and mint, agave syrup, and a dash of sweet and sour. Martini purists might frown on the last two ingredients but a sip or two will have them changing their minds quickly. The layers of flavors in this cocktail give it a sophistication that will make you wonder why you aren’t wearing a tux or an evening gown…well, unless, you just roll like that.
33-2011-12-28 Cucumber Martinit, Happy Hour at Lazy Dog Cafe, Torrance 043

The Well Appointed Cucumber Martini.

  • Seasonal Mason Jar: This cocktail is served in a do-it-your-self shaker. In a full-sized jar, Veev acai spirits are mixed with seasonal ingredients – in our case it was basil, lemon, and cucumber – and shaken with ice until chilled. The result for this blend was an instant recollection of lazy summer days spent sipping lemonade. This cocktail changes with the seasons so options may differ. At the time we were sampling the basil-lemonade, a cranberry-limeade was in the works for winter featuring Veev, cranberry, lime, mint, and agave. I’ll be back for that one!
44-2011-12-28 Seasonal Mason Jar, Happy Hour at Lazy Dog Cafe, Torrance 071

Seasonal Mason Jar Festuring Basil Lemonade with Vee Acai Spirits.

  • The Craft Beer Sampler ($6): Fear not, beer lovers! Lazy Dog hasn’t forgotten about you. They’re still featuring their beer sampler that gives you four-ounce pours from six of the fifteen or more craft beers they have on tap. The only thing that makes this deal difficult is figuring out which beers to pick! I say bring along a friend, order up 12 different beers and have a mini-beer fest. 😀
55-2011-12-28 Craft Beer Sampler, Happy Hour at Lazy Dog Cafe, Torrance 064

Craft Beer Sampler: Which ones will you choose!?

With a nice selection of cocktails and beers to choose from, it only makes sense to have an equally balance selection of happy hour eats as well. Stay tuned for a review of the grub that we paired with the drinks!

* Prices and menu items are subject to change without notice. Some items mentioned in this article were provided on a complimentary basis for the purpose of this review. This story was accurate when it was published and reflects the uninfluenced opinions of the reviewers.

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