Super Bowl Deals in the South Bay and Downtown LA

The absolute end of the 2011 NFL season is upon us with the New York Giants taking on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI – That’s Super Bowl 46 for those of us that don’t count in Roman Numerals.

Knowing that you and your friends will be drawing straws to see who hosts the viewing party, plenty of South Bay and LA restaurants are offering specials deals to make sure you don’t end up being the one that has to clean up this year. Pick the right spot, and everyone can watch the game in style and get a great discount on food and drinks along with the best seat in town for watching the game…and the commercials!

  • Lazy Dog Café, Del Amo – Lazy Dog is serving their happy hour menu all day long for the big game. Check out our review of their drinks and food for an inside look of the deals at this spacious yet cozy destination in Del Amo Mall
2011-12-28 Happy Hour at Lazy Dog Cafe, Torrance 080

Super Bowl 46 Brings Happy Specials ALL NIGHT LONG to Lazy Dog Cafe in Torrance.

  • Chipotle – The folks that made build-it-yourself burritos mainstream are offering their gargantuan wraps for half price. Get up to 100 burritos of your choice  and pay for only half of them! You gotta plan ahead though; put your order in at least 24 hours in advance to make sure you can score this deal on game day.



  • Patrick Molloy’s Halftime Challenge – On the beach in Hermosa, Patrick Molly’s is calling all Giants and Patriots fans to watch the game and step up for their halftime challenge and stein holding contest. Even if you don’t win, you scan score discounts at the bar during the entire game. The winners have first rights to the dance floor for the after party which starts as soon as the game ends.


  • Redondo Beach 10K/5K – not everyone likes to sit on their bucket all day watching the game on the boob tube. Some folks actually run instead! If that’s you then the Redondo Beach 10k/5k is the place to be. More than 10,000 runners and spectators convene for this event to build up an appetite for their Super Bowl snacks. Check out for details. Don’t forget your costume! 😀
redondo beach super bowl 10k 5k

Costumes are a must for the Redondo beach Super Bowl 10k.

  • Public School 612 – If you need to get outside of the South Bay, Public School 612 in Downtown LA has a great Super Bowl deal on deck. They’re offering their happy hour menu all day along with an all you can eat special: $10 gets you AYCE chicken wings, chips+salsa, and hot dogs. Call for more details: 213—623-1172.





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