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I was tipped off to a new gourmet food trip by the name of Go Chew.  While I have yet to meet the source of my 411, I trust his judgment based on what I’ve observed so far.  That said, I decided to pay a visit to Wine Expo in Santa Monica as that was where Go Chew would be serving that evening.

go chew truck

The bright and bold Go Chew Truck (Photo courtesy of Go Chew, Inc.)

I had never been to Wine Expo before and after parking my car, I was totally surprised to find Chef Charles running the truck solo. Thinking about this, I quickly realized that Charles had to be the driver, chef, buyer, order taker, cashier, dishwasher, etc..  He is very friendly and he has an obsession about improving his product because throughout the evening he asked everyone for their feedback on his food.

I ordered the short rib bowl & the braised pork shoulder bowl.  Because he does not have additional staff, I had to wait a bit longer than usual.  The short rib bowl was very flavorful and it included fresh kimchi.  The braised short ribs included stir-fried cabbage mixed with sweet chili sauce and the flavors worked very well.

Have you tried any thing from the Go Chew truck?  Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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