An Afternoon in Paradise – Hanging with the Staff of the Chasing Paradise Truck

Since I first experienced Gourmet Food Trucks, I’ve always been seduced by the allure they bring.  They arrive on the scene, bright and colorful, and most of them have incredible food that you may not experience in a brick and mortar.

I think the combined sensations have turned me into a Truck Chaser.  Perhaps it has to do with being able to select what looks good on one truck and then move to another to sample something else.

I love to cook and I love to eat good food and I’ve always wondered what it’s like to experience an insider’s view of a gourmet food truck.  Today, I got that opportunity on the Chasing Paradise Gourmet Food Truck.

The Chasing Paradise Truck

The Chasing Paradise Truck

Despite not knowing me very well, the owners and chefs, Jason and Maria agreed to let me board their truck for the afternoon.

Jason and Maria, the duo behind Chasing Paradise.

Jason and Maria, the duo behind Chasing Paradise.

They started their truck operation in October 2011.   While their food is heavily influenced by Filipino cuisine, it has elements that cross international boundaries.  As an example, their banh mi (Vietnamese-style) sandwich has grilled beef with Argentine chimichurri sauce; is topped with pickled Japanese daikon, slivered carrots, cilantro, green onions; and is finished off with a garlic aioli sauce.

I had no idea how labor intensive their menu was.  I watched them prepare their sandwiches, potato balls, tapa tacos and chimichurri tacos.  Both Maria and Jason were using their knives regularly to either slice or mince whatever they needed for the order.  I was extremely impressed with the way everything was prepared to order, as fresh as it could possibly be.

Jason and Maria, prepping

(Left) Jason and Maria prepping their freshly made fusion cuisine. (Right) A grilled beef bahn mi being made to order.

Eggs were cracked and whipped when a customer ordered their potato balls.  Mashed potato balls were dipped in the egg, then rolled in bread crumbs and fried.  Finally, they drizzled their aji cream sauce over them.

Both Jason and Maria are extremely independent and seem to enjoy having their own truck so that they can deliver their own creations.  I was quite amazed at their desire to focus on quality and serve the best possible food.  I was even more impressed by the fact that they like to hear constructive feedback on their food so that they can make improvements.

Chasing Paradise serves as an anchor truck at Lawndale Din Din A Go Go.  You can catch them each Friday from 6 – 9 PM at 15903 Prairie Avenue Lawndale, CA 90260.

Chasing Paradise LA
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