Street Food Review – Gourmet Chef Firemen? Hot Cuisine from the Firehouse Chef Food Truck

For me, the enjoyment of visiting Gourmet Food Trucks is finding the next great dish.  It could be a sandwich, a creative taco, a slider that just wows me, or possibly something creative on a stick.

The weekly South Bay Din Din A Go Go event manages to keep it fresh by inviting brand new trucks.  I’m fortunate that I don’t have to travel very far to satisfy my culinary obsession.

Firehouse Chefs Food Truck

Firehouse Chefs Food Truck.

Recently, South Bay Din Din A Go Go debuted two new trucks: Firehouse Chefs Food Truck and Burgers Luchador.  I arrived just as the event opened and was fortunate enough to spend some time with owner/chef Eddie Sell of the Firehouse Chefs Food Truck.

Firehouse Chefs Owner-operator-chef Eddie Sell

Firehouse Chefs Owner-operator-chef Eddie Sell.

Eddie is very outgoing and personable.  In his “day job”, he’s the Chief of a Long Beach Firehouse and by evening, he is a gourmet food truck operator and chef.  I found out that he is more than qualified to run a truck as he has run a catering business for years.  In talking with him, I learned that everything served from his truck is homemade with quality ingredients.

Jicama pepper slaw

Jicama pepper slaw.

Stinky Mike's garlic tater tots

Stinky Mike's garlic tater tots.

Glancing at the menu, I observed an ahi tuna salad, tater tots, and carne asada and couldn’t figure out the theme or vision.  Eddie explains that their menu is fusion because firemen now have diverse backgrounds.  He clarified this by saying that you can find Asian, Hispanic and women firefighters.  Because of the diversity, the food in firehouses has also changed.

Carne Asada sliders El Jardin style

Carne Asada sliders "El Jardin style".

Their current signature is a carne asada slider.  It is marinated for 12 hours in a citrus soy dressing.  You can have that in a slider, “El Jardin Style”, where it includes grilled onions, mushrooms, a fried quail egg, surrounded by an artisan onion bun.  Other meats available include chicken, ahi tuna or herb marinated portobello mushroom.

Finally, he expects to have desserts in the near future.  A firehouse in Seattle creates their own handmade chocolates and Eddie plans to use their chocolates as a base for their dessert creations.

You can find out where the Firehouse Chefs will be serving next by following them on their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

This Friday, March 27, they’ll be rolling into Lawndale DindinAGoGo from 6-9 PM at 15903 Prairie Ave., Lawndale CA.

Firehouse Chefs Food Truck



Twitter: @FHCFoodtruck

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