Get it While You Can: Groupon for 50% off at Samba in Redondo Beach

The Brazillians took the concept of “all you care to eat” to the next level when they invented the Churrasco style dinner.  Basically, guys run around with skewers of meat, shaving off serving after serving until you wave a flag in defeat, saying “I’m about to bust”!

Samba in Redondo Beach has mastered this dining style — their mesquite grilled meats are some of the best — and added a huge salad bar and live entertainment.  I’d give more details on the Samba dancers but I might get in trouble.  If you’re planning to go there on a date, you’ll also enjoy the ocean views from the main dining room!

Anyway, there’s a Groupon available offering a dinner at Samba for two at half off the regular price.  Its bascically a BOGO: buy one get one, but the deal for four people eeks out another 4% from the deal.  Either way, I say buy the Groupon and dance your way over to Samba!

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One Response to “Get it While You Can: Groupon for 50% off at Samba in Redondo Beach”

  1. Yum. This looks delicious. I’m going to have to check them out. Thanks for the tip.