Taste Test: American Summits, Spring Water from Wyoming

While most premium bottled waters sold in the United States are imported from around the world (France, Italy, Fiji), domestically bottled options are also available. Today I’m tasting a natural spring water sourced from the Beartooth Mountain Range of Wyoming, American Summits Spring Water.

Two bottles of american summits water nestled in the grass.  The sparkling is on the left, the still on the right.  Enjoy!

American Summits Spring Water is available in sparkling (left) and natural (right).

American Summits spring water is naturally enriched with mineral picked up from the granite rocks the water filters through. This brings a pleasant alkaline flavor the water without being too much, just pleasantly flat.

I tried the still and sparkling styles of American Summits and, being a carbonated beverage addict, loved the sparkling. I can easily see using the sparkling as a substitute for club soda or seltzer water in cocktails. Like the still water, the sparkling has a clean, alkaline flavor at first but finishes with a refreshing burst of bubbles at the end.

Close up of the bottles, sparkling and still

I enjoyed the mineral qualities of the water with the sparkling being the favorite. The extra burst of bubbles at the end is what kept me sipping!

American Summits is available at several outlets in the Los Angeles Metro area including these locations near the South Bay and West Side:

  • L&K Market – 2127 Main St, Santa Monica
  • Shoops European Deli – 2400 Main St Ste A1, Santa Monica
  • Le Cellier Restaurant and Wine Bar – 417 Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey

For more info on American Summits, visit their website at http://www.americansummits.com.



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