You’re Getting “Warmer”; Hangar 24’s Winter Brew

I love it when a beverage can bring back memories. Warmer, a winter brew from Hangar 24, does just that. The flavors of winter come to bear in this bottle for a delightful cold weather beer.

Warmer strong ale, from Hangat 24, is brewed with fresh spruce, maple syrup, and spices.

Warmer strong ale, from Hangat 24, is brewed with fresh spruce, maple syrup, and spices.

Warmer is a seasonal beer from the Redlands, CA based Hangar 24. First produced in 2009, the response to the one-of-a-kind specialty was so great they’ve made it a winter tradition. Its one of the six beers in their “Local Fields” series.

The unique touch to this strong ale is the addition of fresh spruce along with cinnamon and maple syrup.

For me, the subtle, piney flavor of Warmer takes me back to the days when my father, my brothers, and I would go out into the Alabama forests to chop fire wood in the fall. Sipping this beer makes me think of smell of the fallen leaves and the sap from pine trees.

The clear, dark brown beer starts with piney flavors and finishes sweet with hints of maple syrup. The cinnamon is barely noticeable as the bridge between the pine and syrup. For me, the flavor is reminiscent of smelling air that’s been forced through spruce trees on a cool winter day while eating pancakes.

This is an easy drinking beer with light carbonation and 7.8% alcohol. I even got Nicole to drink a bit – and like it – which is saying something since she usually sticks to ciders.

Warmer won a gold medal in the 2012 World Beer Cup for Specialty Beer.

The Local Fields Series was launched in early 2012 and is comprised of six beers, all brewed once per year with a different local ingredient. Other ingredients in Hangar 24’s Local Fields beers include red wine grapes, dates, blood oranges, apricots and pumpkins all of which were grown close to the brewery in Redlands.

To find Warmer and other beers from Hangar 24, visit the Hanagar 24 website. You can find all styles of their beers for purchase at their Tasting Room in Redlands.

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