Brioche French Toast Now Offered at IHOP

Brioche originates from France and the bread is light, flakey and pastry-like in nature. If you’re not familiar with brioche, you’ve probably had it before and not realized it. It has become very popular in restaurants that serve gourmet hamburgers. Rounds Burger Truck, for one, exclusively features brioche for their hamburger bun.

According to IHOP’s Vice President of Culinary Innovation, Marie Grimm, “French Toast has always been one of IHOPs signature items and one of our most popular. Over the years, we’ve come up with exciting new variations on this classic: our stuffed French Toast, Cinn-a-Stack French Toast and now our new Brioche French Toast, which is the next evolution of French Toast. It features a rich, cake like bread and is slightly sweeter than our traditional French Toast.” She added that it is offered at all IHOP’s nation-wide.

Brioche french toast is a brand new offering for IHOP and in fact, it wasn’t on their menu. After asking my server, she provided me with a separate brioche french bread menu. I was impressed that IHOP features 3 brioche french toast offerings: Banana’s Foster Brioche French Toast, Berry Berry Brioche and Peaches & Cream Brioche. I ordered the Berry Berry and Peaches & Cream selections.

Berry Berry Brioche French Toast

Berry Berry Brioche French Toast

We were delighted at the execution. The brioche french toast was beautifully presented. Toppings were evenly spread out and it wasn’t smothered with powdered sugar. While I’m partial to berries, I happened to enjoy the Peaches & Cream brioche french toast more. The combination of peaches, roasted pecans, vanilla cream and whipped cream made for a wonderful taste sensation.

Peaches and Cream

Peaches and Cream Brioche French Toast

Having the subjective feeling that a brioche experience would be expensive, I was delighted that our breakfast for three with coffee and including sales tax was under $19.00! Even my young daughter was impressed at the value.

IHOP South Bay locations include:

  • Torrance
    • 24631 Crenshaw Blvd., Torrance CA 90505
    • (310) 326-7535
  • Westchester
    • 8600 S. Sepulveda Blvd.,  Westchester CA
    • (310) 410-4457

Find more info on the IHOP website,


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