A Taste of New England this July at Bluewater Grill Redondo Beach

Bluewater Grill Redondo Beach at King Harbor is once again offering their popular New England Lobster and Clambake meal!

bluewater grill

New England Clambake is a style of cooking where fresh seaweed and stones are used to  steam seafood.  Traditionally the seaweed is laid on top of the stones above a fire pit. Seafood such as clams, mussels and lobsters are then placed on top and steamed.

At Bluewater Grill they are currently offering a special New England Lobster and Clambake meal that provides the same taste as you would find from a traditional outdoor clambake! This annual meal is very popular with the locals and is one that sells out quickly! I recently got a sneak peak of this special offering at a tasting event.

Our meals started with the restaurant’s hand selected wines. First up was Oyster Bay Chardonnay, New England ’12. It is a chardonnay with citrus fragrance, notes of apple zest, juicy white peach and lingering lemon creaminess.

oysterbay chardonnay

This was one of two chardonnay’s featured this night. The other chardonnay was the Sebastiani Chardonnay, Sonoma ’10.  This second chardonnay had a blend of lemon, yellow apple, vanilla and caramel.

Next up after the chardonnay was the sourdough bread and butter.  The warm, freshly baked sourdough bread made for a nice starter.


The main course is the New England-style lobster and clambake.  A beautiful, large Maine lobster and bowl of Manila clams was presented to us. The lobster was so hearty and meaty! The Manila clams were so juicy and filled with tender meat. It was quite a sight to behold and a taste to remember.


The Maine lobster and Manila clams were accompanied with fresh corn on the cob, baby red potatoes and crispy coleslaw. The corn on the cob was nice and sweet. The baby red potatoes were roasted to a tender texture. The crispy coleslaw was creamy. They were all very nice little sides to match the big lobster and clams.


Bluewater Grill’s special offering of Maine lobster and Manila clams will be offered throughout the month of July!

Hurry in and enjoy this meal, get a taste of New England all while enjoying the beautiful view of Redondo Beach!

bluewater grill

Bluewater Grill

665 N Harbor Dr  Redondo Beach, CA 90277

(310) 318-3474

*Items mentioned in this article were provided on a complimentary basis for the purpose of this review. This story was accurate when it was published and reflects the uninfluenced opinion of the reviewer.


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