Oxnard Salsa Festival Celebrates 20 Years with Salsa, Music and Fun

Salsa Tent

The city of Oxnard pulls out the stops each year during their annual salsa festival.  This year they celebrated their 20th anniversary of the event and after attending, I can say that they were extremely successful.  My first stop was the salsa tent because I’m always on the lookout for a great salsa.

My assortment of salsas - my $5 allowed me to go back for 4 additional tastings.

My assortment of salsas – $5 allowed me to go back for 4 additional tastings.

Lively bands kept the crowd dancing to the beat!

Lively bands kept the crowd dancing to the beat!

The event draws lively bands that immediately engage with the audience.  Throngs of people danced in front of the stage as each band begun.  The salsa challenged sat behind people dancing soaking in the entire experience.

The best fish tacos I've ever had!

The best fish tacos I’ve ever had!

Street tacos served with flair

Street tacos served with flair

Chilled shrimp cocktail served

Chilled shrimp cocktail

As you might imagine, it was not just about music.  Many food vendors were on hand to serve the hungry crowd.  This year, I had the great opportunity to try the fish tacos from Sabor.  My wife and I agreed that they offered the best fish tacos we’ve ever had.  The batter is ultra crispy.  The sauce on top was Mexican crema whipped with lime juice and cilantro.  They were amazing!

I went back to Sabor and ordered their shrimp cocktail.  It was served in a tall plastic glass filled with shrimp, diced cucumbers and tomatoes.  The shrimp cocktail was served chilled and it made for a very refreshing offering on a warm day.  I enjoyed the tomato salsa so much that I ended up drinking the remainder from the glass.

Even if you bring the kids to this event, there is something for everyone.  The event has a kids zone and they offer kid friendly food like funnel cakes, kettle corn and tropical shave ice.  In addition to food and music, there are a number of vendors selling clothing attire and food items.

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