Korean Walnut Treats and More at Cocohodo, Torrance

Torrance has it’s own walnut pastry cafe! Cocohodo in Torrance is a little bakery specializing in Korean walnut pastries.


The cafe’s specialty are ho do gwa ja, Korean walnut pastries that are filled with red bean and a walnut in the middle. These sweet little treats are baked fresh daily and served wonderfully warm.

walnut pastry

The pastries can be bought in either bags or gift boxes. Prices are very reasonable; A small bag with nine pastries is only $3! Gift boxes start at $5.

gift box

Gift boxes come wrapped with cute Cocohodo gift wrapper and make a great gift for family and friends!

gift box

The walnut pastries are packed nice and neat inside these gift boxes! Whoever gets these as a gift are sure to be impressed and will instantly have a smile on their face once they taste the delicious pastries.

gift box inside

Aside from offering walnut pastries, Cocohodo also offers various hot drinks, ice blended drinks and iced coffee drinks! Their newest offering is shaved ice.

various cocohodo treats

Cocohodo walnut pastries are a unique and yummy treat!

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