The Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar Offers New Asian Influenced Dishes

Despite being open for only 5 years, the Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar has quickly established itself as one of the premier casual restaurants in the South Bay. The Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar excels in keeping up with the latest dining trends with creative preparation. They also keep the regulars returning with a value oriented happy hour.

Lazy Dog

An example of this is their wok-fired calamari appetizer. Calamari was made popular by Italian restaurants and is now featured in many appetizer lists across LA. Another example is their walnut-pesto chicken & hummus. Lazy Dog takes the basic chicken breast and adds Italian and Mediterranean flavors while keeping the dish healthy.

The new Asian-inspired dishes include:

  • Dim Sum appetizer – Duo of handmade shrimp & pork potstickers served with a dipping sauce
  • Beef & Broccolini – Flank steak, al dente broccolini and carrots with a spiced soy sesame sauce
  • BBQ Pork fried rice – Chinese BBQ pork with scrambled egg, bean sprouts, bell peppers, green onions and spinach.
  • Tofu & Vegetable stir fry – stir fried vegetables in a sweet and spicy sauce
  • Thai Noodles  – Rice noodles tossed with shrimp, ground chicken, tofu, peanuts, and bean sprouts with a traditional Pad Thai
  • Sriracha Chicken Sandwich – Grilled chicken breast, crispy bacon, spicy herb aioli sauce and a pickled cucumber salad on a toasted French baguette
  • Hawaiian Sticky Ribs & Umami Fries – Tender baby back ribs that are flash-fried and tossed in housemade Hawaiian BBQ sauce with Asian slaw and French fries drizzled in housemade umami sauce.

    Beef and broccolini and carrots

    Beef, broccolini and carrots

banh mi sandwich with a side a fries

banh mi sandwich with a side of fries







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