Reviewing Bruschetta Pizza at Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

While I don’t eat pizza that often, my daughter recently reminded me how delicious Grimaldi’s pizza is. I recently learned that Grimaldi’s Pizzera introduced a new Bruschetta Pizza and me being curious, I invited a friend out to lunch and decided to give it a try.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria uses their famous white pizza as its foundation. If you haven’t had it before, it has no sauce. They use extra mozzarella and garlic which is evenly melted across the entire top of the pizza. Once it’s been baked, they add fresh chopped roma tomatoes, finely chopped basil and plenty of shaved Italian cheese.

Grimaldi's Bruschetta Pizza is topped with fresh basil and roma tomatoes

Grimaldi’s Bruschetta Pizza is topped with fresh basil and roma tomatoes

The result is a unconventional pizza as the bottom is baked and the toppings are uncooked. On each bite, I was delighted to smell the fresh uncooked basil and taste the fresh roma tomatoes. If you enjoy fresh basil, you should definitely give this a try.

Sausage, meatball and ricotta calzone

Sausage, meatball and ricotta calzone

We also split a calzone. This was unexpectedly huge and I’m sure you’re wondering how two people could eat both the pizza and the calzone – we didn’t. I must say that the ricotta cheese inside was incredible. It was whipped smooth and incredibly creamy. In addition the sausage was of high quality and full of flavor.

For a limited time, Grimaldi”s Pizzeria is offering the Bruschetta Pizza. They are also featuring two new desserts: strawberry cheesecake and a blueberry cobbler cheesecake. While I wanted to taste a desert, we were stuffed like turkeys at Thanksgiving.

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