Filipino Breakfast With Silog in the South Bay

One of my favorite things for breakfast is a traditional Filipino dish called silog, a combination plate of garlic fried rice, egg and different meats.

The word silog is a suffix that comes from various Filipino words. Garlic fried rice in Filipino is sinangag, while eggs are itlog. If you combine the two words it becomes silog.

Various meats accompany each silog. Some examples are beef or tapa (tapsilog), spam (spamsilog) and milk fish or bangus.
There are a few places to find a good, Filipino breakfast in the South Bay. My favorite places all happen to be in Carson.

La Fang Asian Fusion Kitchen

La Fang Tocilog

La Fang Tocilog

La Fang Asian Fusion Kitchen offers various silog combos. They have tapsilog, longsilog, bangsilog and tocilog. Prices range from $5 to $7. The tocilog here is my favorite; its traditionally a pork dish but here they make it with chicken. The sweet and tasty chicken combined with the garlic fried rice and a runny egg makes for a very hearty breakfast.

  • La Fang Asian Fusion Kitchen
    • 241 W. Carson St, Carson, CA 90745; (310) 834-4840


Jollibee milk fish

Jollibee milk fish

Another good place to get a silog breakfast is Jollibee in Carson. Jollibee’s version of silog is called “breakfast joys”. Their silog meat choices are spam, pork sausage, beef tenders, milk fish, corned beef and sweet pork. Prices range from $3.95 to $4.95 and include coffee. Once in awhile, Jollibee even has special promos such as a buy-one-get-one deal.

  • Jollibee
    • 139 W. Carson St, Carson, CA 90745; (310) 513-1941

Manila’s Lechon Manok

Manila’s Lechon Manok also has a good silog breakfast. The popular choices for silog here are their beef and pork. The tapasilog here consists of the most tender beef slices and the garlic rice here is a lot like fried rice and is very abundant in garlic flavor! Prices for a silog at Manila’s Lechon Manok are a litte over $6.

  • Manila’s Lechon Manok
    • 118 W. Carson St, Carson, CA 90745; (310) 935-2209

Silog breakfasts are tasty and very fulfilling! They are a great way to start a day and it’s so nice to have various places that offer these delicious meals right here in the South Bay.

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5 Responses to “Filipino Breakfast With Silog in the South Bay”

  1. Yelp says La Fang Asian Fusion Kitchen is closed already.

  2. Thanks for the update, Tracy! Yes, Yelp says they are closed. I also called and got a “number disconnected” message. Their website also appears to be disconnected. Bummer! After, reading Jenn’s review I was eager to try it out! 😀

  3. Hey Jenn,

    Thanks for writing this post. I dearly miss Tapsilog as my favorite was from Tapa Boy food truck. Several Filipinas that I work with agreed that it was very good. Have you tried Tita Celia on Carson?


  4. Hi guys! I followed up and sounds like La Fang is temporarily closed till the find a new location :). I’m excited to see where they will relocate because I really love their breakfasts hehe :).

  5. Hi Bryan: yes, I’ve tried Tita Celia as well. They offer similar breakfasts but their milkfish version is not boneless.