Barney’s Beanery Becomes a Blue Zones Designated Restaurant

I write about the Blue Zones project on a periodic basis. In summary, it’s about building cities and communities built around active living.  It’s about creating an environment where public policies provide people with healthy opportunities, giving them a supportive nudge toward eating healthier and moving more in a natural way.

Outside of Barney's Beanery

Outside of Barney’s Beanery

Barney’s Beanery in Redondo Beach is the latest restaurant to become a Blue Zones designated restaurant. I enjoy attending the Blue Zones events because the staff is fun, outgoing and act as great ambassadors of the program. Officials from the local city frequently attend to help support the occassion.

The restaurant is an homage to the original restaurant in West Hollywood with a Redondo Beach twist. License plates, beer signs, and other Americana adorn the walls. Unlike the dark, West Hollywood location, this establishment has huge glass windows which have drop dead views of the waves crashing on the sand.

View of the beach from Barney's Beanery

View of the beach from Barney’s Beanery

Barney’s Beanery has a huge menu; 8 pages in length.  They are probably best known for their burgers, chili and sandwiches. In order to meet the Blue Zones designation, they added a number salad offerings like the California Chopped and the Grilled Vegetable salads. Bitty Bean is their smaller portion menu. It’s great for light eaters, people watching their weight, or kids that are beyond mac and cheese.

The city of Redondo Beach was well represented at this event. Mary McKendrick and Joanne Galin, officials from the Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce, were on hand.

City Councilman Jeff Ginsburg mentioned that he’s a Blue Zones card holder and that he’s impressed by the number of restaurants that have become Blue Zones designated. He added that many people ‘eat out’ more often than they eat at home so it’s important to have  healthy choices.

A Blue Zones ribbon cutting ceremony followed. Barney’s Beanery served a number of appetizers for the attendees.

Assistant Manager, Vanessa Swartz does the honors

Assistant Manager, Vanessa Swartz does the honors.

Blue Zones project director, Lauren Nakano congratulates assistant manager Vanessa Swartz

Blue Zones project director, Lauren Nakano (right) congratulates assistant manager Vanessa Swartz.

Redondo Beach City Councilman congratulates Assistant Manager, Vanessa Swartz

Redondo Beach City Councilman Jeff Ginsburg congratulates Vanessa Swartz.






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