Mr G’s Coffee Shop: Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover (or a Restaurant by it’s Yelp Reviews)

Halfway through a 5 mile bike ride from Redondo to Lomita I began to doubt my decision to truck all the way into Lomita on bike for what I expected to be a sub-par breakfast.

I was hungry and had passed a few spots where I could have grabbed what I know would have been a delicious meal, but I pressed on. I made the mistake of “Yelp-ing” Mr G’s prior to leaving the house and wasn’t thrilled with the reviews.

Outside Mr G's diner located in Lomita.

Outside Mr G’s Coffee Shop.

Boy was I wrong. If they had offered humble pie I would have ordered a big ole’ piece…a la mode of course.

Simply put, Mr G’s Coffee Shop is a classic hole in the wall diner. Although, isn’t that what you want sometimes on a Sat morning?

I parked my bike outside and was greeted warmly by a waitress behind the counter. It wasn’t as crowded as I would have expected, or wanted, for 10 AM on a Saturday; the few people there seemed to be regulars. I got a booth by the window and settled in with fresh coffee poured with a smile.

Mr G’s advertises it’s marinated steak tips at the top of their breakfast menu and it intrigued me right away. Not normally a “steak and eggs” kinda gal, I had worked up an appetite on the bike ride and usually try the house specials when offered.

The rest of the breakfast menu was basic and included a variety of omelettes and waffles. My husband ordered a simple sausage and egg meal with caraway seed rye toast. The waitress confirmed I would not be disappointed with the steak and suggested a side of their homemade salsa to go with our dishes.

While we waited we soaked up the ambiance: mauve pleather booths, counters with bar stools, old school milk shake machines, and a classic chef spotted through the kitchen window complete with a white paper hat. My excitement grew as I realized everything was being made to order.

Marinated steak tips, hashbrowns, and eggs.

Marinated steak tips, hashbrowns, and eggs.

House made sausage with scrambled eggs and hasbrowns.

House made sausage with scrambled eggs and hasbrowns.

The marinated steak tips — served with perfectly sautéed onions, 2 eggs over easy, and extra crispy hash browns — were delicious. No need for any extra seasoning or sauces. It was perfect as it stood. My husband’s humble breakfast shone as we realized the sausage patties were freshly made in-house. Why don’t they advertise that on the menu?

Coffee was refilled regularly, service was quick and warm, and there was not a stitch of food left on our plates. Price for my steak and eggs was a bit steep at $10.59; it’s more than I would normally spend on breakfast but it was beyond worth it. Considering the portions, we could have split the meal (and maybe added a side of French toast) and been satisfied.

I will be back for sure when I need a hearty, greasy spoon type of breakfast. They offer a coupon on which should be the final nudge to get you down to Lomita to experience their steak for yourself.

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