A Flaming Experience at Dominique’s Kitchen: Camembert Flambé

Food, ambiance and customer service are some of the attributes I consider in deciding where to eat. Sometimes, it’s as casual as walking up to a food truck. Other times, I like getting dressed up and having a nice meal at a top establishment. While I don’t think about it that often, I sometimes enjoy the restaurant just for the experience.

What do I mean by experience?  It could be entertainment, music, the outgoing nature of the server, I think you get the idea. Dominique’s Kitchen now provides that experience with the classic French dish, camembert flambé. It is currently offered as a special and will soon be incorporated into their regular menu.

A torch is applied to a wheel of camembert cheese

A torch is applied to a wheel of camembert cheese


Ordering this dish is a great way to impress your date. The camembert cheese is served on a small cast iron pan and the server uses a torch to sear the top of the cheese. Once completely seared, a small amount of warm brandy is poured over the top.

Finishing with warm brandy.

Topping the cheese with warm brandy.

The finished Camembert Flambé

The finished Camembert Flambé

Previous to this moment, I’d never had camembert flambé. It is soft, gooey, and the warm brandy addition makes it a delightful taste sensation. If you enjoy cheese, you should contact Dominique’s Kitchen to find out when they will be serving this dish. You won’t regret it!

Dominique’s Kitchen

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