Grimaldi’s Brings Back Their Fiery Diavolo Pizza

According to the National Weather Service, the first 6 months of 2014 have been the warmest in California history. Grimaldi’s Pizzeria is contributing to the heat index a bit by returning the fiery Diavolo pizza to their line-up.

The Diavolo pizza is currently on the menu for a limited time. Like all of Grimaldi’s pizzas, it is fired in their coal-fired brick ovens, which creates their signature crispy crust and smoky taste.

Diavolo PizzaTopped with soppressata salami, cherry peppers, and Kalamata olives, the Diavolo is a spicy take on their popular classic pizza. From my visits, I’ve noticed that Grimaldi’s Pizzeria uses quality ingredients on their pizza. The crust is ultra crispy and the overall taste is superior to others because of the attention to using fresh ingredients like tomatoes and basil.

I’m glad to report that their draft beer selection has been upgraded.  They carry over Blue Moon Belgian White and Peroni, but add Fat Tire Amber Ale, Firestone Walker IPA, Pale 31 and two different Samuel Adams offerings.

Time to make a pizza run!


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