Dunkin’ Donuts Opens First LA Area Store in Santa Monica

East Coast transplants longing for a taste of home have a reason to celebrate today. The first “full expression” Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant in Southern California opened today in Santa Monica.

A dozen Dunkin' Donuts on display.

A dozen Dunkin’ Donuts on display.

“Full expression” meaning the store is a stand-alone shop serving a full dose of Dunkin’s regular menu. Other DD outlets can be found in SoCal but those locations are inside other establishments (hotels, for example) or in spaces not easily accessible by the general public.

Also unlike those locations, the Santa Monica shop will feature a complete menu of donuts, coffees, and other breakfast items.

line around the block!

Eager donut fans waited for hours to be among the first to visit the newly opened store.

In anticipation of the opening, fans began lining up hours in advance of 5 AM opening. I asked one poor soul how long he waited. “About three hours” he said. “But I’ve been waiting for this moment for ten years so what’s a few hours in comparison!?”

Along with customers lined up around the block, the business was welcome to the area by dignitaries including Santa Monica mayor Pam O’Connor.  Dunkin’ made their LA debut even sweeter by donating $5000 to the LA Regional Food Bank.

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  1. I haven’t been to Dunkin’s lately but will think about you all in LA when I do go! what are you and chef Morimoto eating at lafoodwine? Nice picture!