South Bay Chefs Shine at LA Magazine’s #TheFoodEvent

This past weekend, LA’s namesake magazine hosted an event showcasing some of the top chefs and best restaurants around town.  With the growth and acceptance of the South Bay’s gourmet dining scene, there’s no surprise that several of our home town chefs were front and center.

Here’s a recap of the chefs and restaurants that shared their cuisine.

David LeFevre – Fishing With Dynamite, MB Post

Renowned chef David LeFevre participated with his staff from Fishing with Dynamite and MB Post.

Chef David LeFevre

Chef David LeFevre strikes a pose.

Brooke Williamson and husband Nick Roberts – Hudson House, The Tripel, Playa Provisions

Top Chef finalist Brook Williamson, along with chef/husband Nick Roberts, was on hand representing not one, not two, but three restaurants:  Hudson House, The Tripel, and the couple’s latest venture Playa Provisions.  On the savory side, the chef-duo-restaurant-trio served a crab cake; gooey chocolate chip cookies served with bourbon milk followed for a sweet bite of desert.

Tin Vuong – Little Sister

One of the longest lines at the festival was just in front of the tent for Little Sister.  Chef Tin Vuong was hard at work serving a sample of his pan-asian cuisine.  The featured dish was a grilled shrimp doused in coconut curry sauce.

Chef Tin Vuong

Chef Tin Vuong grilling shrimp skewers.

grilled shrimp with curry sauce

Little Sister’s grilled shrimp with curry sauce.

Greg Hozinsky – Strand House

It was great to run into Chef Greg Hozinsky who recently took the helm at Strand House.  His team was serving up a savory bit of crab served on a dollop of creamed corn and topped with a brown butter sauce.  The kicker, though, was the sweet bite that followed: an irresistible strawberry shortcake.

strawberry shortcake

Bites of strawberry shortcake from Strand House, Manhattan Beach.

Chef Greg Hozinsky

Chef Greg Hozinsky

Dia de Campo, Hermosa Beach

Shout out to the chefs and staff at Dia de Campo!  They were also present at the event but I didn’t get any pictures of what they were serving.  My bad!  I do recall, though, that it was a scrumptious bite of grilled octopus.

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