Foie Gras Friday in Westchester!

In case you missed it, the controversial foie gras is once again allowed in California restaurants. You will have the opportunity to enjoy this French delicacy this Friday at First Friday in Westchester. This week, the Fair Game the Nouveau Food Truck will be in Westchester for their monthly First Friday event and serving $10 foie gras sliders and $20 foie gras and lobster sliders.

Fair Game's lobster & foie gras slider

Fair Game’s lobster & foie gras sliders


I recently had Fair Game’s short rib sliders for lunch. I was truly impressed that it wasn’t simply meat surrounded by a Kings Hawaiian slider bun. The short ribs were lean and tender. Chef Jean-Paul Peluffo elevated the slider by adding corn, parsley and potato chips. Best of all, he used browned a quality slider bun which added crispiness to each bite. Their menu varies but has included Chard grilled Jamaican jerk chicken, Alaskan wild salmon, red wine braised boar and in the evenings, fresh Maine lobster.

Food Truck line-up for March 6 (subject to change):

Cousins Maine Lobster
Doner Kabob Trailer
Fair Game GFT the Nouveau Food Truck
G’s Taco Spot on Wheels
Haute Burger
India Jones Chow Truck
Paradise Cookies and Ice Cream
Sista Soul Food & Catering LLC
Slammin’ Sliders

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