All Natural Homemade Ice Cream from Kansha Creamery

Summer has just begun which means it’s time for lots of fun in the sun and cool treats. There’s a wonderful new ice cream shop that recently opened up in Gardena that offers ice cream that’s perfect for those summer days! This place is no other than Kansha Creamery.

Kansha Creamery is owned by the brother and sister team of James Tatsuya and Elaine Yukari. Ever since they opened in the beginning of 2015, this ice cream shop has become a favorite for many. It’s even got a visit from famous TV host Jimmy Kimmel back in April. He posted an instagram picture of a triple scoop of Kansha Creamery ice cream and said this was “the best ice cream” he has had in LA!

Every ice cream flavor at Kansha Creamery is handmade by James and Elaine. The ice cream is all natural and they obtain their ingredients from local, organic farmers whenever possible. They make fresh ice cream five days a week with new flavors usually released on Tuesdays. They are closed Wednesdays and Sundays. On Tuesdays they offer a “Treat Yourself Tuesday” where customers can get two scoops for the price of one.

Among the popular flavors are house vanilla, earl grey, salted caramel, matcha and Mr. Universal. Mr. Universal is a vanilla ice cream with carmel and oatmeal cookies. Aside from scoops of ice cream, they also offers parfaits. The matcha parfait seems to be a favorite of many. It consists of vanilla ice cream, matcha jelly, matcha syrup, mochi, corn flakes, red bean paste, whipped cream and matcha ice cream.

A fresh scoop of Mr Universal from Kansha Creamery.

A fresh scoop of Mr Universal from Kansha Creamery.

One of the nicest things about Kansha Creamery is a percentage of all their sales go to charities around the world. Some charities they have helped are the Gospel for Asia and Children’s Hunger Fund.

Kansha Creamery is a welcome addition to the South Bay. From the concept of using all natural ingredients to the wonderful thought of having a percentage of sales go to several charities, it is not a surprise that Kansha Creamery has gained such popularity.

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  1. Did your hours change?

  2. Hi Cynthia! Thanks for reading! Yes, Kansha Creamery recently changed their hours. They are now closed on Sunday and Wednesday and on other days are open from 2-11pm.