BevMo! Manhattan Beach to host Widmer Bros Beer Event

widmerOn Tuesday, August 4, you will have an opportunity to meet Kurt and Rob Widmer to discuss the history and making of one of the oldest breweries in the Pacific North West. This will be a fun, engaging and insightful beer event!

These two brothers shared a passion of brewing German style beer took a risk, quitting their day jobs to open a brewery in Portland, Oregon. Fast forward thirty years – with a new facility and modified brand name, they remain as the only brewery to offer such a large variety of craft beers.

Featured Beers at this special engagement
Widmer Bros Hefeweizen
Widmer Bros Upheaval IPA
Widmer Bros Hefe Shandy

Kurt and Rob Widmer helped lead the Oregon craft beer movement in 1984 when they began brewing unique interpretations of traditional German beer styles. In 1986, they introduced the original American-style Hefeweizen, which elevated the brewery to national acclaim. Since then, Hefe (pronounced: “hay-fa”) has grown to become the top-selling beer in Oregon.


5:00pm – 7:00pm
1700 Rosecrans Ave
Manhattan Beach, Ca 90266


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Widmer Brothers website:

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